Wednesday, July 9, 2008

First Birthday

My baby girl turned one last weekend. She was not into any characters like Winnie the pooh or Einstein or anything like that. I usually buy some character themed cake for birthdays since I have never been confident in making good looking and good tasting cakes. I have to confess even though I bought the cakes, I was never thrilled about the taste. Since joining the Daring Bakers, my confidence has grown a lot. I was not going to buy a cake for my daughter when I can make one.
DH comes up with good ideas for cakes even though he doesn't know one end of the oven from another. But I balked when my DH suggested a 3D cake. 3D cake!! Was he kidding? Anyway, he got his way and I bought the Stand-up Teddy bear pan at our local Michaels. I was very apprehensive about the whole thing. The instruction sheet suggested I use box cake mix. I made my own pound cake batter which I have already blogged here. My heart was pounding the whole time the cake was baking. When the pan was cool enough to open, I made DH to open it :) . There was a teeny weeny hole near the Bear's neck. Other than that, the cake looked good.
Then came the task of decorating the cake. While I have worked with fondant, I have never worked with the different decoration tips and buttercream icing to actually decorate the cake. It took me around 4 hrs to decorate the whole cake. But it was time well spent. The cake looked awesome!!! By the time, I finished decorating the cake, the teeny weeny hole has disappeared :)) .
I also made a Mango Opera cake for the grown-ups. Both the cakes were a great hit with both the kids and adults alike.
Both the cakes were

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Sharmila said...

Great looking cake! and god bless your little girl. :-)