Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Daring Bakers Challenge - Pizza!!!

This month's challenge was hosted by Rosa at Rosa's Yummy Yums. She chose Pizza!!! After my dismal performance at these challenges for the past two months, I decided to finish this challenge way before the deadline.

One of my weekend activities is cooking for the week. So, I made the pizza dough on Sunday and I made the pizzas during the week. Since we did not have any restriction on the toppings or sauce, ,my first thought was to make traditional pizza sauce and toppings. Then I threw the idea out of the window and wanted to make Indian version of pizza. I decided to make tandoori chicken pizza and spicy chicken sausage pizza.

Tandoori chicken Pizza Toppings
Tandoori Chicken, green bell peppers, onions

Before After

Chicken Sausage Pizza Toppings
Pan fried spicy chicken sausage, orange bell peppers, onions


No after pictures on this since it was gobbled up before I could take a picture :)

The sauce I used was Tomato yogurt sauce based on this recipe. I modified the recipe a bit with quantity of tomato used and the leaves. I have to say though the tomato yogurt sauce did do better with the chicken sausage pizza.

The Cheese I used was homemade paneer.

One of the activities to complete this month's challenge was a picture of yourself throwing the pizza up in the air. DH tried his best to a take a picture of the dough in the air. But this is all we could get :)

The pizza was a huge hit!! DH loved the pizza. All my son wanted was the crust. I will definitely be making this again.

You can find the recipe for the pizza dough here. You can view all the wonderful pizzas made by fellow daring bakers here. There are some sweet ones too :).


Lynn said...

Your pizzas look great, next time you will have to remember to take a picture before you gobble it up! But, I know it can be difficult when a piping hot pizza is just waiting for that first bite. Well done.

natalie said...

Beautiful pizzas!

Aparna said...

I guess we like the Indian flavours best. :)
You at least managed a cleared picture of the landing dough!

Vij said...

This is my first time here.U have a lovely space.

Yummmmmy pizza..they look so temptin!