Monday, April 12, 2010

Atkins Diet - Induction Phase - Day 1

Its been a long, long time since I posted anything in the blog. Too many changes in that time frame. But now my mission is to .... lose weigt!! I know, I know.. nothing lofty as change the face of cooking as we know today. Just a lowly aim of losing weight I put and.. ahem.. and carried on for 3 years now after the birth of my daughter. I was able to successfully lose the pregnancy weight and 15 more when I did that after I had my son and I did it in within a year!!! Now what is so different about this one, you ask.... Well, whatever I did for the first weight loss did not work. I also have been trying to do my own diet by cutting carbs and sugar. But I just was not able to stick to it because I was not holding myself accountable and did not know what I was doing.

Result: I'm going to try Atkins diet. There are reasons for that too. The main one being meat... I'm a pure carnivore. I do love my fruits and vegs,but I'm a carnivore to the core. The second reason being my desire to cut carbs and sugars for health reason. So, Atkins seemed to be a good choice.

I'm not going to put the Phase I induction rules here since you can find it anywhere on the web. But here is the gist of it,

1. No fruits, bread, grains, starchy vegetables or dairy other than cheese, cream or butter
2. No sugar but can use splenda, which means no soda,gum
3. Drink atleast eight 8oz cups of water

Here is what you can eat,
1. All kinds of meat
2. All kinds of fish and seafood
3. Atkins bars and shakes for snacks
4. Salad greens and non-starchy vegetables

Here is the caveat, I love sweets!!! And Splenda is not sugar and I hate the after taste. And no fruits!!! I love fruits. I have atleast 4 servings of fruits everyday. How am I going to survive this??? I don't know but I'm going to try.

Here is my menu for today

Breakfast : Two egg omlette with onions, bellpeppers and cheese
Snack : Atkins bar
Lunch : 2 cups of loosely packed lettuce with 5 oz can of tuna mized with 1 tablespoon mayo
Snack : Atkins shake
Dinner : 5 oz pork tenderloin with cup of steamed brocolli and cauliflower, 1 sugar free gello

I have done till lunch so far and I'm feeling hungry. Which tells me I have been eating way too much. Easter took a toll on my own 'diet'. So, I'm hoping the Atkins diet will do the trick.

Update: ok, I'm done with Day 1 in the Induction phase. Dinner was delicious!! I love all this meat :) . But that said, I still feel hungry and craving for sugar. I did drink a lot of water today. Atleast Atkins is helping with water intake for now. Time to hit the bed before hunger gets better of me.

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