Monday, May 12, 2008

Latest Addition to my Kitchen

My In-laws are going back to India next weekend. We wanted to take them out somewhere for their last weekend with us. We went to the Mayfield farm at Braselton, GA. If you are from south east US, you would be familiar with Mayfield Dairy products. Its know for its wonderful milk and creamy ice cream. We went for the dairy plant tour and tasted the wonderful ice cream. Then my husband asked 'Where are the cows?' . We were told that this was only a dairy plant and they don't have cows here. I think my husband was disappointed more than my kids. Anyway, I found this beautiful set of measuring spoons in the gift store. The ones I have the regular ones from the grocery store. There nothing special about them. But the one I saw in the gift store was just beautiful. They were carved metal spoons. It had the measures also carved as a part of the design. I adored it. Although I'm not an impulsive buyer, I bought this immediately. Here is the latest addition,

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